Alloy Steel square

Along with other types of rolled metal, the product range of the company “Sin Yuan Steel” includes a steel square. A steel square is a metal profile that has the shape of a square of different diameters, the thickness ranges from 6 to 200 millimeters. Basically, this type of rolled metal is manufactured by a hot-rolled system. They are distinguished by the length of the rod, the shortest is 2 meters, and the longest is about 12 meters. Carbon steels of ordinary quality and good quality, corrosion-resistant, are used as the starting material.

The steel grade can be of three types:


Steel squares are currently used in various industries, namely in construction, in the production of parts, for leveling brickwork, for benches, doors, fences, for the production of stairs.


The length is from 2 to 12 meters, accuracy class B and B. “B”- increased accuracy the curvature of the rod does not exceed 0.5 percent of the length. “B” is the usual accuracy here, the curvature of the rod at any value of the rod should not be higher than 0.5 percent. Bars are made of: dimensional and non-dimensional sizes, multiples of length. The company “Sin Yuan Steel” will pick up the right size and the right size for you.


Due not only to its affordable price on the market, but also due to its good characteristics and its versatility, the steel material has a great demand in the market, for products in production and in various construction industries.

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