Bars made of tool alloy steel

Great possibilities of use alloy rod is one of the most popular types of rolled metal. The most popular length of the metal product is 6-18 millimeters. Bars made of tool alloy steel are considered universal materials, which are used in construction (used for reinforcement), in automotive (production of parts) and in the space, food industries, in the grating industry, in the manufacture of fences, in agriculture. The company “Sin Yuan Steel” is a direct supplier of this rolled metal.


It is produced in two ways: by hot and cold rolling of blanks made of high-quality metal. Steel grades such as; st 3, 20, st 40x, ST 45 are practically used. A strong rod is supplied if the boundaries are up to 9 mm, then it is supplied in coils, and if higher, then in rods.

Hot-rolled rolled, such an item is available with a diameter of 5-270 mm.

Cold-rolled is produced by cold drawing of iron billets, has an exact size. The most common sizes are 36mm, 32mm, 30-20mm, 12-10 mm.

According to the accuracy, the rod is made of three types. A, B, C

In conditions where maximum corrosion resistance is needed, a metal circle is used, durable (galvanized) such a material is produced only by hot. In construction, a metal circle is used to reinforce all reinforced concrete structures.

Characteristics of this product.

Quite resistant to corrosion, to aggressive environments, very high strength, durable, inexpensive products.

Where to buy such steel and metallurgical products?

You can purchase a tool steel product from Sin Yuan Steel. This organization has a good quality of the right products and the right parameters and the right amount.

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