Equal-field steel corners

Sin Yuan Steel has steel corners in its product range. The metal corner is a bent profile, which is mainly used in the construction industry. Performs the function of strengthening structures, gives them strength and reliability. This material has a specific L-shaped shape. They are made of high-quality steel. Due to its characteristics, it has a large scope of application. It is made of rolled sheet steel in two ways: cold-rolled (made of special blanks that bend and get the desired shape) and hot-rolled (hot blanks are used). Steel corners are used For rolling corners are divided into two categories A, B, there are also two types of corners: equal-field and non-equal-field.Category A material is high precision rolled. A category B rental of ordinary accuracy. Ravnopolochny- metal products that have the same sides in width. The thickness of the equal-floor walls can reach up to 16mm, this is its maximum, and as for the length, it can be selected depending on its use. Non-equal-sex has the same characteristics as those of equal-sex, the differences between them are that non-equal-sex corners have unequal shelf lengths. It is mainly used to strengthen concrete walls. The scope of application is very extensive — in the construction of greenhouses, in the laying of aboveground pipelines, in the construction of metal structures. During installation work, this material is used in the fastening system of load-bearing beams. To create frame metal structures for various purposes, and in concrete structures, in furniture industries, well, and can be used as a decorative element.

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